karitézeep moringa

Discover the new Chery Faso soap with sheabutter and Moringa

Moringa oleifera, the Miracle Tree, is truly a miracle. Almost all of the parts of the tropical tree are edible, and are used as a source of food or food supplement. It is also used as a natural medicine. Moringa oil keeps the skin elastic and young, reducing fine lines. It keeps the hair smooth, soft and shiny and free of tangles. In the sun you get a deeper tan and the vitamins A and E act as an antioxidant helping to safeguard against skin damage. Moringa Oil soaks through the skin without the need of any additives whatsoever, and with so many natural vitamins and anti-oxidants, it is the perfect natural anti-aging agent. The women in Burkina Faso add the Moringa oil to the sheabutter soap, leading to a shiny and healthy skin.

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